Wild Wawa Children’s Lifestyle Fashion Photos | S23D5

May 4, 2023

Wild Wawa Children’s Lifestyle Fashion Photos | S23D5

As a San Diego lifestyle photographer, I love the feeling of being on set to capture a new collection or clothing line drop! New theme and creative, while still sticking true to the brand. Wild Wawa always has such creative and adorable ideas when showcasing their latest collection of kids clothing! Props are always key! And in these Wild Wawa Children’s Lifestyle Fashion Photos | S23D5 they stepped it up even more with an air stream type RV. The RV was rented for the shoot and it added so much fun for the kids to explore around in. We rented a campsite at San Elijo state beach.

We had been experiencing a lot of gray and gloomy days and thankfully the sun was shining bright during this session. A little too bright so I used my scrim/ reflector to diffuse the light. It is a game changer! You can easily buy it on Amazon. You definitely will need someone to help you with holding it up and stuff but it is so worth it! It allows you to photograph pretty much anywhere and not have to worry about direct sunlight. Which is a plus as a photographer and for the kids so they don’t squint.

When photographing a lot of kids for a photoshoot, you definitely want to stagger the talent. If that’s allowed. Sometimes they do want big group shots of all the kids together. If you can break them up into smaller groups and photography two at a time, that is a lot more manageable. This way you can take your time creatively and maximize your photoshoot! When there are too many kids at the same time, it can get a little disorderly and you try to just get shots instead of getting THE shot. Better for the kids too, less distractions!


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