Lifestyle Marketing photos: HONDA Latino

September 24, 2018

Lifestyle Marketing photos:  HONDA Latino

As a San Diego commercial photographer, I love the challenge of photographing all types of consumer products. In this post, COMMERICAL photos: HONDA Latino. San Diego is a great city to shoot commercial photography, especially for car commercial photography. We participated in the “fin de con friends” campaign by Honda Latino. Several photographers were booked to shoot different Honda Latino cars in cities across the US.

It was a perfect sunny day and we took advantage of the whole city! We started in Coronado, the cutest island in San Diego, and went as far north as Del Mar. All in one shoot day! The models were great, and brought great energy to set! Of course lunch consisted of tacos & burritos, because duh!

We wanted to incorporate all the elements that make San Diego the gem that it is. The beach and surf life, the recreational parks, the art scene, the scenic boardwalks and more! San Diego has so much to offer it was fun being able to showcase it through a commercial car campaign.

We even learned about new San Diego areas as we researched and scouted for great photo locations. And learned about locally known artists. It’s nice to get schooled about your own hometown. Sometimes we take advantage of the places we have in our own backyard.

It was a great experience shooting for a huge company like HONDA. You are able to push yourself to be more creative and think outside the box. You always strive to produce the best content you can. It’s a fun challenge to learn about a company or client’s vision and then execute it to the best of your ability while at the same time adding your creative outlook on it. Looking forward to working with them again!


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