WEDDING photos: The Wedding Bowl, Cuvier Park, La Jolla

March 15, 2019

WEDDING photos: The Wedding Bowl, Cuvier Park, La Jolla

Growing up, my family and I would always walk along La Jolla Cove. We would always pass by the Wedding Bowl, Cuvier Park and would always see weddings taking place there. So I was excited to be shooting wedding photos: The Wedding Bowl, Cuvier Park, La Jolla!

It was a beautiful sunny winter day and the sky was extremely blue, as well as the ocean below the grassy area. The wedding did start a bit earlier in the day, not ideal for photos, but I made it work.

The bride was an absolute stunner! She took everyone’s breath away when she walked down the aisle. Even the blue sea couldn’t compete with her! She has such a beautiful smile that radiated throughout the ceremony!

As they walked down the aisle, everyone cheered! Once the bride and groom got to the end, they went off to the side and had a private romantic and adorable moment to themselves. They just held each other so tight as if they hadn’t seen each other in years, it was only one night!

Who made this beautiful beach wedding possible? None other than Dream Beach Wedding. They have everything dialed in for those looking for a San Diego beach wedding!

I mean can we talk about how stunning she looks during her portrait session! The train on her dress made her look like an ocean princess! It was a very windy day as well, so it was a good idea that she had her hair scooped to the side.

There were many spots within reach that offered different backgrounds and textures for their formal portraits. I wanted to mix it up and not just have ocean background. Though it is a beautiful background, I like a variety.

The wind was starting to kick up, so I enclosed them within some cacti plants. Then I took them over to the dirt path with a stone wall. I thought the stone wall would be a beautiful backdrop! Then of course we came full circle and finished in front of the ocean again!


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