WEDDING photos: Sunset Point, Mission Bay

July 24, 2019

WEDDING photos: Sunset Point, Mission Bay

Summer is in full swing and so are San Diego summer weddings! The sun has finally come out to play and stay in San Diego! Ideally you want your San Diego beach weddings to be in the late afternoon, one or two hours before sunset but these wedding photos: Sunset Point, Mission Bay shows that if you have to have ceremony earlier, it’s still ok. Dream Beach Wedding is your go to for your San Diego beach wedding ceremony.

The wedding entrance felt so magical! Usually bridesmaids enter one by one, but in this case, they all walked in staggered, like an emergence! Looked really cool and something to think about for your wedding procession.

Royal blue was the theme of the wedding. Every part of the wedding had royal blue in one way or another, even the engagement ring and wedding bands. It totally matched the brides blues eyes! The wedding bouquet even matched with the 4th of July holiday!

For the life of me I can’t recall where this wedding dress is from, but that open back is everything! Low open back too! It’s so romantic and beautiful! I want to say maybe it was from David’s Bridal. Wedding dress shopping can be overwhelming, but it makes it all worth it when you finally find the one that makes you swoon! This wedding dress is definitely swoon worthy!

I am loving light leaks at the moment. I go through phases or maybe it’s if I think the client will be in to them. I love playing with light leaks whether it’s back and white photography or color. It’s a fun way to play with color. Are light leaks something you are in to as well? My clients like them too, they like the pop of color.


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