San Diego Micro Wedding | Sheila + Mike

December 2, 2022

San Diego Micro Wedding | Sheila + Mike

As a San Diego micro wedding photographer, I love the intimacy of a small wedding. A lot of times, big weddings make it challenging to be able to hang out with all your guests. The day can get rushed and you miss out on catching up with your guests. Especially those from out of town! A micro wedding takes a big wedding down to a smaller, more intimate scale. In this San Diego Micro Wedding | Sheila + Mike upgraded their backyard wedding idea to an Air b n b rental. Their guest list increased slightly to include some more close family. They got ready, had the ceremony, formal family and couple portraits and reception al at the rental home.

Having all the events in one place makes for a smooth timeline day. Timeline in a micro wedding is totally customizable. You can do as minimum as 2 hours to however many you want. An easy go to for a simple micro wedding is 2 hours. This gets you the basics: Ceremony, Friends + Family Portraits and 1 hour of formal couple portraits. You have many options after that. You can add time on the front end if you want those getting ready photos. Remember, that they aren’t necessarily of you getting ready, you can be in full hair and make up and in your robe or with your suit on.

What is does it give time for individual bride and/ or groom portraits. On top of that solo photos with his or hers immediate family that is getting ready with you. This way you don’t have so much piled on for the actual family portraits. By having these done ahead of time, you can do all the family portraits posed already as a couple.



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