WEDDING photos: South Coronado Beach

May 28, 2019

WEDDING photos: South Coronado Beach

Coronado is a beautiful treasure of San Diego, even more so when you make it your wedding destination. For today’s wedding photos: South Coronado beach provided with diverse weather: rain and sunshine as well as diverse backgrounds: dunes and ocean. Dream Beach Wedding made it an effortless ceremony!

This was a San Diego destination wedding, as the couple and their family were visiting primarily from the east coast. They fell in love with San Diego. Even though we experienced all the weather conditions, they still had huge smiles on their faces!

These two were super fun and have great energy! The ceremony was full of laughter. You could tell how comfortable they felt with one another. This is what I feel happens in smaller ceremonies. Everyone feels comfortable surrounded by their closest friends and family.

I like shooting the bride and groom’s vows. I feel like it’s something they will want to remember of how they wrote down their dearest words. As I have mentioned before, the exchange of vows is one of my favorite parts of a wedding ceremony! I love the love and vulnerability that each couple share with one another and their dearest friends and family.

The couple did the sand blending ceremony which represents each of their separate lives, families and friends coming together and becoming one. It’s a great keepsake and memory from their wedding day!

Their wedding party was super fun and animated! Each side was excited for their bestie to be getting married! The color of the bridesmaids dresses matched perfectly with the wedding floral bouquets. The bride was extremely happy with them and said they were exactly as she has wanted them to be!

The clouds came quick, right at the end of the ceremony, the wind started to pick up, but with a happy laidback bride + groom, we still had fun! Enjoy the portraits! For more Coronado Beach weddings, click HERE.


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