San Diego Courthouse Wedding Photos | Paige + Cody

January 15, 2023

San Diego Courthouse Wedding Photos | Paige + Cody

As a San Diego courthouse wedding photographer, I love when couples want to add a little adventure to their elopement. It doesn’t have to be so far away, it can be local. It can be the beach, a meadow or even a park. Of course you can take a short road trip to Julian or Mt. Laguna, but if you want to keep it easy, there are plenty of beautiful places in San Diego. The important thing to ask yourself as a couple is which place feels more like the two of you. A nearby location to the San Diego county admin building is Balboa Park. Many couples have opted to add this location to their outhouse wedding day. San Diego Courthouse Wedding Photos | Paige + Cody chose to!

If you are considering adding a second location to your San Diego courthouse wedding, or Santee courthouse wedding or San Marcos courthouse wedding, you will want to think about your timeline. Normally, I suggest, as you can see in my How to get married at the San Diego Courthouse guide that you should schedule your ceremony start time either first thing in the morning, or 2 hours before sunset time. You can always use GOOGLE to check the sunset time on any day of the year. It’s a very helpful tool.

If you end up with a mid morning ceremony time, know that you don’t have to wait till after you ceremony for your formal portraits. You can do them before the ceremony for better morning light. Great thing about courthouse weddings is that you follow your own timeline rules. Now, know that whatever time you end up selecting or being assigned, your photographer will know the best places to photograph you at. There is always shade somewhere around the building. The San Marcos location also has some shaded areas.



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