WEDDING photos: Saratoga Springs

December 5, 2018

WEDDING photos: Saratoga Springs

Love traveling for weddings and love outdoor nature weddings! These wedding photos: Saratoga Springs, were some of my favorite! Northern California’s tall redwood trees gave for an amazing wedding backdrop! Forest weddings, are absolutely beautiful and Saratoga Springs is incredible! The wedding had 3 locations. Each groom had their own getting ready location at a private residence, then the first look was at the base of a trail and finally the ceremony and reception was at Saratoga Springs.

Usually I shoot wedding details indoors, but in an effort to keep the outdoor wedding vibe I played around with the grooms suit, grooms wedding bands and groomsmen gifts all out doors! I carefully blanked the ring box on top of these plant leaves. They were so green I knew it would look beautiful in a photo. I loved this one big tree that was at this residence so I definitely wanted to get a shot of it in the background.

The groom got ready at his brothers house and outside of the house was this old truck that their family had. When they were little they would all play inside the truck so of course I had to shoot a portrait of the groom with his brothers in front of the truck!

The first look was just so cute!! Their whole crew of groomsmen were there to watch and support! The stone walls were a beautiful backdrop and everyone got a little teary eyed for the big reveal! It was super sweet!

The photos above are exactly what I picture when I think of an outdoor forest wedding! Saratoga Springs should definitely be considered for an outdoor California forest wedding venue!

If you are looking for a dramatic formal portrait backdrop, Saratoga Springs also provides that. They have a huge stone bridge! The arch is beautiful and everybody wanted a shot there! Selfies were a must 🙂

The ceremony was beautiful! Full of tears and laughs! Everyone was moved and one of the groom’s uncle was the officiant. He was hilarious! Loved that they walked themselves down the aisle! The reception details were beautiful and creative! It was the perfect effortless rustic chic! The wedding cake was accompanied by wedding cupcakes.


Wedding Venue: Saratoga Springs


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