WEDDING photos: San Diego Yacht Club

October 24, 2019

WEDDING photos: San Diego Yacht Club

WOW if you are a San Diego sailor, I would definitely suggest getting married at the San Diego Yacht Club!! Boats, Boats + Bubbles!! What a fun wedding! I had so much fun editing these wedding photos: San Diego Yacht Club. The “sail away” or send off was like out of a movie or editorial. All the guests blew them bubbles, they popped champagne and they sailed off into… their formal portraits. As a San Diego Wedding photographer, this was my first sailing wedding!

It was really sweet, the bride had a hand written note for the groom to read before the ceremony. I of course, being the romantic wedding photographer that I am, was super excited to document this lovey dove moment. I took a few photos of the note, which I omitted from this post for privacy 🙂

The ceremony began with beautiful sounds from a harpist. I always enjoy photographing musicians and their hand movements. The whole family and bridal party walked down. Then the bride was ready to see her groom and get married!! As they exited, they walked over to the yacht club and descended down the dock over to the boat what was waiting for them to pop some bubbly as they sailed away with the bubbles from their guests!

What more can you want on your wedding day but some bubbly and boats!! It was a beautiful San Diego wedding day! As they started sailing away I ran over to the docks to meet them to see photograph them coming off the dock. It was a magical San Diego Wedding moment seeing them on the boat. I told them to walk to the front of it, to add a little Jack + Rose feel. The capture was out of a movie. It gave me chills in all the right ways!



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