Balboa Park Wedding Anniversary Photos | Shakaira + Noah

July 26, 2021

Balboa Park Wedding Anniversary Photos | Shakaira + Noah

As a San Diego wedding photographer, I often get requested to shoot at Balboa Park. It’s such a beautiful place and there is so much to explore! Every time I go there, I find a new nook to photograph in. I was very excited for these Balboa Park Wedding Anniversary Photos | Shakaira + Noah, were such an effortless couple to photograph! Shakaira had requested 2 main spots to shoot at during the session. The Organ Pavilion and the Garden. Shooting on the weekends at Balboa Park can be challenging with all the people, but we definitely made it work!

Surprisingly it wasn’t that crowded! I arrive to the shoot 30 minutes early because at Balboa Park it is always difficult to find parking. I found parking as soon as I pulled into the lot! I was in shock! Being a Saturday afternoon, in the summer, I thought I was going to circle the parking lot for a good 20 minutes. Tip- as a San Diego photographer, I always arrive to my shoots at least 15 min before the start time. This way I am not worried about parking or rushing to get my gear together. I would suggest you get in the habit of arriving early. You and your clients will appreciate it.

Brides with long trains are everything! It definitely makes a photographic statement! Get in the habit of always readjusting the train. One trick I like to do is to have the bride walk into extending the train. Instead of me pulling it out, I pull it out and then have her walk a few steps to get that natural stretch. I like using stairs too as a way to pull the dress down and out. It makes the bride look extremely tall! Also, using natural plants nearby to extend the train out. When on cement, pull the train out and then a bit forward to you.

The weather was very fickle but it ended in a a beautiful rainbow!! I couldn’t believe it! We were already finished with the session but then I looked behind and saw it! I told them, guys we need another minute! They were very excited to see a rainbow and to have it as their backdrop! It was very faint, but we got some of it!



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