WEDDING photos: San Diego County Courthouse wedding

February 8, 2019

WEDDING photos: San Diego County Courthouse wedding

This past week San Diego saw quite a rainstorm! Many people dread the idea of having their wedding day ruined by bad weather! Some people say it’s good luck! For my clients, they got the best of both worlds! It rained on their wedding day, but during the 2 hours of their ceremony and formal wedding portraits, the rain stopped! These wedding photos: San Diego County Courthouse wedding are truly one of my favorites!

I was used to shooting San Diego County Courthouse weddings outside in their beautiful grassy area, but they were being cautious and had the ceremony indoors. That’s ok, just grabbed my flash and away we went! Once the ceremony was over we decided to head outside as it had stopped raining! I was so relieved, because I wanted to make sure my clients got beautiful photos on their special day! They had purposely chosen to get married on Chinese New Year! So we started with a few dancing twirls inside the San Diego County Clerk office.

Always wanting to look at the brighter things, no pun intended, the grass and trees were extra bold green as the storm gave them a revival! So it really just gave them the most amazing backdrop for their wedding portraits!

The San Diego County office really does lend itself to some hidden photo opportunity gems! You can really get a great diverse set of photos for everyone’s wedding. I highly recommend scouting the venue before you shoot a wedding here so you can really let your creative juices flow on the wedding day!

Also, play around with angles! Move around, left and right, up and down! It’s fun to see things from different perspectives!

When the rain stopped exactly when I was shooting their family and formal wedding portraits, I really had to stop and pause and thank the universe! I had wished the night before that it could be clear during this time so they could really enjoy their day! As a bonus I got great lighting as the clouds would come and go with some open clear skies for light to come in! What would have been an otherwise too bright time of the day, turned out to be perfect!

This is one of my favorite spots to shoot at the courthouse! I love how it gives a gritty and industrial feel. Adds a nice contrast to all the nature around the building and diversifies their wedding photo portfolio!

Another bonus was that birds of paradise is the brides’s favorite flower! So of course I had her ditch the wedding bouquet so we could give the attention to the birds of paradise!

I mean who doesn’t love a dancing couple on their wedding day!! This bride’s wedding dress had total Marilyn Monroe vibes!! She got it from Anthropologie’s Wedding Dress Dept! It had major twirl vibes as well! The great thing is, she can wear that dress again and again!! Her hair which went perfectly with the dress and stayed in tact despite strong winds was done at Tavera Studio. Her makeup, which was flawless, she has perfect skin, was done at Sephora! She was a MAJOR 10!!

I mean talk about picture perfect! Such a 50s retro wedding look vibe, with the classic dip and a kiss! I had soooo much fun with my clients!! They were so open to my suggestions. I love that, because it makes the creative process just flow so naturally! My client requested we take some photos with the San Diego cityscape as their backdrop so I suggested we end the wedding photography session at Bali Hai. They are another great San Diego wedding venue with beautiful views!



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