San Diego Courthouse Wedding Photos | Cheryl + Matthew

December 14, 2020

San Diego Courthouse Wedding Photos | Cheryl + Matthew

With covid hitting 2020, many couples opted for civil weddings at their local courthouse. They realized they could celebrate next year with more friends and family and kept it super simple and small for their civil wedding. In these San Diego courthouse wedding photos | Cheryl + Matthew got married at the marriage hut. The marriage hut was the new covid abiding location during this pandemic.

I’ll explain in this post how the process went, but for more information you can also check out my how to guide. There you will also find the links to the San Diego County Administrator for the latest information.

You may have noticed that the couple brought their dog. I have had some couples do that and that is completely OK 🙂 As long as you keep them on the leash there is nothing that says you can’t bring your furry friend. So yes, dogs are allowed. Most couples have their photos with their dogs either at the beginning or the end of the session. Someone in the family becomes the wrangler so that the couple doesn’t have to worry about it.

During COVID the marriage license is now issued at the “marriage hut” located on the North side of the building, outside next to the bathrooms. Here is where you will check in and have your ceremony. Usually it’s around 20 -25 min to check in and get married. There is a pause in-between the paperwork you fill out. When you check in you are required to wear a mask. When it’s time for the ceremony however, you are allowed to remove it. FYI- When I shot a courthouse wedding in San Marcos, the couple was required to wear a mask during the ceremony and only remove for the kiss.

After the official ceremony, we can head over to the outdoor ceremony arch and do a mock ceremony. It’s actually even better because we can take our time with ceremony photos and we have no one in the background. So rest assured you can still have your beautiful ceremony photos.

We did formal portraits around the building and then finished across the street at the harbor. This was a mid morning ceremony and started off overcast and then cleared up at the very end.



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