San Diego Courthouse Wedding | Cassandra + Humberto

January 3, 2022

San Diego Courthouse Wedding | Cassandra + Humberto

As a San Diego courthouse wedding photographer, I never tire of finding new nooks and angles at the San Diego County Administrator Building. Located at Waterfront Park, you have views of the marina and water fountains. If your clients are sold on the idea of being photographed in front of the fountains; please note that they turn on at 11am. Your clients should plan the ceremony start time accordingly. In this San Diego Courthouse Wedding | Cassandra + Humberto got married at the indoor ceremony with their close friends and family. We continued the rest of the session outside.

Some tips as a courthouse wedding photographer. I like to carry a lint roller. There is a portable one you can find on Amazon and it has come in handy a lot! I would suggest reviewing your clients before the session and handing it to them if they need it. This will help save you so much time in editing out lint. You will thank yourself so much for taking one minute for a wipe down.

Other tips include having your clients moisturize their hands. You could also carry a travel size bottle in your fanny pack too. This helps avoid any dry hands and cracks. Again, another way to avoid extra editing on the back end. The more prepared you are to enhance your session, the better! Your clients will appreciate you for it!

Keep your clients comfortable. I always suggest they bring water with them, I like for them to stay hydrated. I recommend suggesting to your bride to bring her lipstick with her. You can carry it in your bag or fanny pack. You can also suggest they bring a tote bag to put all of their things in. I like to do a TSA check with my clients before every session. I make sure they empty their pockets of phones, wallets, keys, etc.


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