WEDDING photos: San Diego Beach Wedding, Imperial Beach, California

April 30, 2019

WEDDING photos: San Diego Beach Wedding, Imperial Beach, California

Oh it’s begun! Spring and summer beach weddings in San Diego! This is so exciting! Having a San Diego beach wedding is so romantic! People even have destination weddings in San Diego! Dream Beach Wedding helps you put it together effortlessly! So happy to share these wedding photos: San Diego Beach Wedding, Imperial Beach, California

People don’t need much of an excuse to come visit San Diego, but a destination wedding does make it a no brainer! The guests at this wedding were so united and they were even referred to as the “community”. I love that! Really makes everyone feel like they are one family, supporting one another!

And oh my goodness was it a tear jerker! The vows were so incredibly beautiful I had to pause for a moment and make sure I didn’t start crying! They way they expressed themselves so vulnerably, it really was a special moment! I am so lucky to get to be able to witness these emotional and loving moments as part of my career!

The rings!! Can we talk about one of the brides rings!! Oh my! What a beauty! They custom designed it! See for yourself.

The family cheered as they walked down the aisle. Cell phones were all up in the air as they took their photos. I kindly reminded them that I can handle that and they should go on and hug them! 🙂 They all laughed and the group hugs ensued. Family is important and I always want to make sure they take it all in and are able to thank everyone for coming.

By the way, did you all catch the harp?? I mean wow! It really steps up the music game during the ceremony! Of course I wanted to use it as a prop for my photos too 🙂

Time for my favorite part! The formal portraits! The ceremony was earlier in the day than I would have liked, but we made the light work in our favor! It also helped that we had the Imperial Beach pier so we could play with the sunlight as well!

It looks like no one was at the beach, but it was a sunny Saturday in San Diego and there were. Fortunately not that many walkers during this session, so we got lucky. Other than that a little photoshop or patience 🙂

I mean these two were naturals in front of the camera!! So easy to direct, I told them they needed agents and they should always model for weddings! I love when people feel so comfortable in front of the camera. Doesn’t sound like you? Don’t worry, I have so many dad jokes I’ll keep you so entertained you will forget you are in front of a camera! 😉

These two were very special and I could not stop photographing them! I was on such a photo high! I couldn’t control my excitement and I just wanted to keep shooting more and more portraits of them! But all good things must come to an end, fortunately their forever love is just beginning 🙂


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