San Diego Courthouse Wedding | Alyonna + Ray

October 27, 2022

San Diego Courthouse Wedding | Alyonna + Ray

As a San Diego courthouse wedding photographer, I love seeing how relaxed and excited couples are about their big day! Having a civil wedding, instead of a big traditional wedding, helps couples focus on themselves. The story remains about the couple and their love. At most of the county administration offices, the ceremonies occur during the week. So if you want to extend your wedding weekend, you can schedule yours for Friday. In these San Diego Courthouse Wedding | Alyonna + Ray were celebrating their wedding and baby to come!

As I have been mentioning in previous posts, the San Diego county admin building is going through remodel/construction. On top of that, for this wedding, there was a music festival happening as well! Not the actual festival, but the production prep of setting it up. So around 70% of the area where I usually photograph at the courthouse was closed off! The usual ceremony arch, with the Bougainvillea, was closed off. So we were taken to the arch on the east side of the building, a wooden one.

The weather was a mixture of overcast clouds and sunshine. As this was a 10am ceremony, the light was a little harsh. I softened the light in editing to make it a little softer. When it comes to courthouse weddings, you may not always get the ideal time slot, that being the first or the slot 2 hours before sunset. Not to worry though, there are many places to photograph at that offer shade. Use the trees and the building to shield from the light. It can be challenging but it will make you a better photographer. It’s important to be able to photograph at any time of the day wherever you are. You may discover new poses you hadn’t done before.



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