WEDDING photos: Mission Beach

November 15, 2018

WEDDING photos: Mission Beach

San Diego’s Mission Beach is famous for it’s parties and southern California lifestyle, but have you ever considered getting married there? Dream Beach Wedding can help you get married there, toes in the sand and all! The great thing about San Diego is that you can basically get married on the beach any time of the year! For these wedding photos: Mission Beach was basically theirs to have!

The ceremony started a little after 4pm. The light was just starting to get beautiful and made the bride look so angelic! Dream Beach Wedding provides you with a canopy and sets it up for you. You don’t have to lift a finger, only when you are getting your ring 😉

They were so cute as they exchanged their vows. You could really feel the love between them. They couldn’t take their eyes off each other. Their family members were very excited as well. They held each other after their first kiss, which I thought was so precious and I hadn’t seen that before.

Right when the ceremony was over that magic, delightful sunlight was coming through! We quickly did the group photo and family photos and then went straight in to the couple shots and also portraits of both the bride and the groom. How beautiful was her bouquet! The pop of pink with the green contrast was really something in the light! Their rings were also pretty amazing!

I love when brides have trains on their wedding dresses. Yes, it can get annoying, yes it will most likely get dirty, but it does make for great wedding photography! When I asked the bride to play with her train there was ZERO hesitation! She got right to it and danced with it! Don’t worry, the groom had fun details too! We played around with his suspenders!



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