Valle de Guadalupe Wedding Photos | Trevista Winery

November 9, 2022

Valle de Guadalupe Wedding Photos | Trevista Winery

As a San Diego wedding photographer, we sometimes get the opportunity to head down to the border into Mexico. Valle de Guadalupe weddings are becoming more and more popular. With receptions extending later than weddings in the US, you get more bang for your buck! I have photographed a wedding in Valle, at Cuatro Cuatros, such an epic day! So I knew more or less how to prepare for this Valle de Guadalupe Wedding Photos | Trevista Winery. I definitely went down to scout beforehand with the bride, made sure my Sentri card was active and made sure to only drive in the daytime. It turned out beautifully!

Safety is always important when traveling with your photography gear. Whether it’s by car or plane. Make sure you pack your gear well and have everything you will need in a place where you can quickly access it. You don’t want to expose al your gear while looking for something. When traveling by car, I never like to keep my trunk door open when I am searching for things. I know where things are and quickly grab and close. When traveling down to Mexico, I applied this method.

Scouting was very important for this wedding as it was my first time photographing there. When photographing a destination wedding, that require a plane ride, definitely schedule a a day for scouting the day before the wedding. If it’s a destination wedding that is drivable, then I would definitely go a week or two before the wedding. You don’t want to go to a wedding venue on the big day blindsided. You want to know what to expect. Especially when it comes to lighting. Every minute counts, especially when you are going from place to place.



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