WEDDING photos: La Jolla Beach Wedding

January 27, 2019

WEDDING photos: La Jolla Beach Wedding

Wedding season has begun! I shot my first 2019 wedding this past weekend. It was just north of Windansea beach at a break called Little Point. What a great way to start the season off! We had just finished a week of rain and stormy weather and the day could not have been brighter! Not a cloud in the sky! I wish the ceremony would have started a little later in the day, as it was pretty bright, but I think the moment was still captured. Wedding photos: La Jolla Beach Wedding

It was an intimate beach wedding. Contact Dream Beach Wedding to plan your beach wedding! I am seeing more and more of these and they are just so sweet. You really get to take the moment in and share it with the closest to you. I guess you could call them elopements. As a San Diego elopement photographer you simply photograph the ceremony and formal portraits and perhaps some getting ready and some family portraits.

These are fun cause you really get to spend quality time on the formal portraits. You aren’t pressed for time and you can really get creative. They were such a fun couple and so in love. You could see it all over their faces!

Once I started shooting their formal portraits I literally could not stop! They were so magical together! The bride was striking!! Hair wedding hairdo was perfect!! Her white lace wedding dress with an open back was just exquisite!! It was perfect!

Now with beach weddings you have to be aware of the tides. I always check on Surfline. You might think you have access to the sand and rocks and then discover it’s high tide and you are limited to the amount of beach you can photograph on. Fortunately for us, the tide was extremely low!!

Besides having full access of the sand, there was a huge amount of exposed Spanish moss on the rocks. It was just incredible! It was like having Narnia on the beach!!

That’s the great thing about having a San Diego beach wedding, you can get married in January!! We are pretty lucky to have amazing weather in San Diego.

Their hour of portraits flew by! I loved all the different surroundings we had around us. It gave for a lot of diversity in the photographs. They definitely got their feet in the water! The tide started to slowly creep up, but they were loving it. She insisted she get her feet wet! A definite toes in the sand wedding!


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