WEDDING photos: Imperial Beach

August 8, 2019

WEDDING photos: Imperial Beach

San Diego beach weddings are in full effect. You can pretty much get married along the entire coast of San Diego. These wedding photos: Imperial Beach is the most south you can get for a San Diego Beach wedding. Any further and it would become a Mexican Wedding 🙂 Which is also a great ideas as well! I shot a beautiful winery wedding at Cuatro Cuatros last summer.

The weather was a bit fickle in that the sun would come out and then hide behind the clouds throughout the ceremony and during the portraits. We did manage to take some beautiful photos with that magic hour light though! Gosh after that month of June gloom, you somehow forget how beautiful that magic hour light is!

The bride and groom was just beaming with joy! They were and are so full of love! They couldn’t help but hug each other right in the middle of the ceremony. I love that! Sometimes I feel like people think the ceremony has to be super serious, but not at all! It’s your ceremony, it’s your time and your way of expressing your love! If you want to hug it out in the midst of it, then go ahead and hug it out! 🙂

I loved the orange in her wedding bouquet! I forgot what these kind of flowers are called! Love the wedding veil and the train on her wedding dress! This bride was so excited for the photos she said she wanted photos in the ocean!! I got excited with her excitement!! I recommended we wait for those shots at the end so we can keep her wedding dress as clean as possible.

Fortunately, the water was not too cold and so they had not problem frolicking and being so romantic! I of course had them warm up with some dance moves!

Wedding Coordination: Dream Beach Wedding


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