USD Grad Portraits | Natalie + Alex

July 12, 2022

USD Grad Portraits | Natalie + Alex

As a San Diego senior grad photographer, I get to welcome spring time in San Diego with grad portraits! As a public service announcement to all upcoming grads, book your sessions as early as you can!! Spring starts to dwindle towards the end of May in San Diego. If you want those beautiful jacarandas, then try to book between April and early May. Of course it can change every year, the bloom, but aim for that. In these USD Grad Portraits | Natalie + Alex wanted to do a joint couples/portrait session. Such a cute way to celebrate your love and graduation!

Another thing to consider when booking your senior grad portrait session, is the day of the week. Many universities and colleges have multiple days for graduation. I would check to make sure there isn’t one the day of your shoot. That way, the campus isn’t as crowded with other grads. Of course you can always find great nooks, but it makes it for a smoother session.

When photographing couples, it’s a good idea to ask what ideas they have for their outfits. You want to make sure they are not clashing. You can have them end you photos of their outfits and then you can offer your feedback. Clients can add more time to their session if they want to wear multiple outfits. Always a good idea to recommend to your client to try on the outfit before the session. You want them to feel confident and comfortable with what they are wearing.

Make sure during the session, to vary the outfits. Meaning some with the cap and gown, some with the sache, some with just the outfit. Make sure they are wearing comfortable shoes if there is going to be a lot of walking. They can always bring a pair of sandals if there is going to be a lot of walking. Also, make sure to ask if there are any MUST HAVE spots to photograph at.



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