USD Grad Portrait Photos | LB

April 28, 2023

USD Grad Portrait Photos | LB

As a San Diego portrait photographer, spring time is filled with graduation portrait sessions. As the San Diego grads prepare for finals, they also prepare for their grand photos! It’s an exciting time that definitely deserves to be commemorated! You have studied hard, grown as an individual, and are ready for the next chapter in your life! Your grad portraits can be taken on campus and also taken off site. You can go to your favorite beach, park, diner, anywhere! Have fun with it, make it yours! Also a great excuse to get a new outfit or two for your graduation photo session! In these USD Grad Portrait Photos | LB had two outfits and three different pairs of shoes. Bonus, she brought her bestie to the session too! What better way to memorialize this time in your lives!

First and foremost, I want this session to be about you and for you to have fun! If you want to bring your bestie with you, bring him or her, if you want to bring your significant other, bring him or her, if you want to bring your parents, do it! You can also do the session alone too! You can wear as much as the graduation uniform as you want, and no, you don’t have to wear the cap if you don’t want to. Make sure to let your photographer know what you want and don’t want so he or she is prepared. If you want to do a champagne spray, make sure to do it at the end of the session or outfit so that if you get it wet, you are good to go!

If your shoes are not comfortable, make sure to bring a pair that are so you can walk from spot to spot. Some campuses are spread out super wide so you don’t want to get blisters during the session. You will be in pain and it will show! Easy flip flops are great! Also, bring a brush/comb and if you are wearing lipstick, bring it to reapply if needed.


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