UCSD Graduation Photos | Balboa Park | Nik

April 18, 2022

UCSD Graduation Photos | Balboa Park | Nik

As a San Diego senior portrait photographer, it’s fun to see the graduation excitement from college and high school students! They have worked hard and they want to remember this moment. What better way than to have your portraits taken! Senior portraits are way more fun now than when I had mine taken! You actually get to choose whatever place you like. Choose how many outfits you want. And choose your own photographer! I am all about choices! In these UCSD Graduation Photos | Balboa Park | Nik wanted a mix of nature and architecture! What better place than Balboa Park!

When booking a portrait session, it’s always a good idea to offer any feedback on outfit choices. I don’t obligate my clients, but I do let them know that if they would like feedback to send along any photos of their ideas. Since you know the location better or at least have a better of idea of how prints and colors photograph, you are more of an expert. I cannot stress enough, the importance of letting your clients know that at the end of the day, it’s whatever outfit makes them feel confident and comfortable in that should take priority!

Nik likes blues, so he brought variations of shades of blue. When your clients have glasses, always ask them if they would like some taken without them. Some people prefer to always keep them on, because they feel that is who they are. Some feel uncomfortable not wearing them. Thus why it is important to ask. You don’t want to end up with a gallery full of images of he or she without glasses and the client not being happy. Asking questions and checking their comfort level will help ensure the session and photos turn out how the client imagined and even better!



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