UCSD Grad Portrait Photos | BZ

June 19, 2023

UCSD Grad Portrait Photos | BZ

As a San Diego portrait photographer, spring and early summer become grad portrait season. It’s an exciting time for students to memorialize their achievements. After working and studying hard for a few years, it is time for their next chapter in life! It’s a great time to have your grad photos taken to remember this time. Grad portraits can be taken on campus or also off campus. Some students choose just to shoot on campus. Others choose to add a second location like the beach or park. Whatever resonates with the student. San Diego is full of beautiful campuses! In these UCSD Grad Portrait Photos | BZ, we photographed at Geisel Library and nearby locations and finally at Scripps Beach.

Grad portrait season can be stressful for students as they are in the middle of finals. But if he or she can find some time to imagine what they want their session to look like, you can really have fun with it! BZ sent me some inspiration photos of some props she wanted to include. I loved the ideas! As a photographer, I welcome inspiration photos. I want to know where my client’s head is at with regards to shoot expectation and hopes. I always mention lighting differences and location differences. You don’t have to do them exactly, but your interpretation of them. So don’t get nervous about having to replicate the inspiration. Let it be your guide.

Let your grad know that they can wear different stoles and layer their outfits. They can have the whole get up of the robe, stole and cap and continue with peeling of layers. If you have multiple locations, you can do the same at each location. See what their preference is. Some students like to have the whole graduation look together and others just want to wear their outfit. It’s always a good idea to ask beforehand.



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