La Jolla Scripps Beach Maternity Photos | A + J

May 5, 2023

La Jolla Scripps Beach Maternity Photos | A + J

As a La Jolla maternity and pregnancy photographer, I love capturing this special moment in a future parents to be lives! It is the miracle of life and we get to document a moment in it! It’s fun for the couple to capture this moment and really stop and spend time with another focusing on who they are about to welcome into this world! It’s especially fun for the preggee, you can choose some fun outfits to wear and really feel empowered by what her body can do! In these La Jolla Scripps Beach Maternity Photos | A + J brought their fun loving feels and an amazing cardigan!

What to wear for your maternity shoot may feel overwhelming. Do you go with a more casual jean look, dress it up with a long sleeve, long train dress, or something in between? Do you expose the baby bump? First and foremost, it’s whatever makes you feel comfortable! This can be a very vulnerable time for a woman, with her body changing so much. I want this shoot to help you feel confident about the magic that is your body! Expose the bump as much as you feel comfortable! Some places you can browse through are Amazon and PinkBlush.

When to book your maternity session is also dependent on your preference. I would say at least as early as 7 months. That is when your belly can be really seen. Again, every body is different and that too can vary. I have had some moms book two weeks before their due date and feel fine! Everyone is different, don’t compare yourself. Do what makes you feel comfortable. Check with your photographer about their availability at least 2 months in advance. If shooting at the beach, I would suggest a weekday and a day where sunset is closest to low tide!


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