Swami’s Beach Family Photos | Emily

April 1, 2021

Swami’s Beach Family Photos | Emily

As a San Diego family photographer, I love doing beach sessions! We are so blessed to have so many beautiful beaches along our California coastline. In this session, I visited Swami’s beach family photos | Emily and her girls were so much fun! The matching sisterly outfits were so cute. They chose my 2 hour portrait session and so they did an outfit change. I think outfit changes are so fun, cause you get to create multiple moods.

When shooting family portraits, you want to make sure you are photographing different combinations. Individual portraits as well as groups. Switch up the backdrops as well so it doesn’t look all the same. It can be easy to stay in a spot that is providing do many good shots but get in the habit of moving. Having versatility in your photos will be much appreciated by your client.

Another suggestion when shooting family portraits, is to offer your clients a wardrobe review. You know better what photographs well, so if they are open to it then I would have them send you links or photos of what they plan on wearing and giving feedback. Obviously, whatever they feel confident and comfortable in should take priority, but you can always encourage an accessory, be it clothing or makeup, to make it pop! Something extra fun and special for this portrait session.

When scheduling your shoots, you. might want to consider allocating time for blue hour! When the sky is clear it is definitely a beautiful sight to see. The photos lend itself to be super moody! The downside is when the weather is overcast but it doesn’t have the same effect, so it can be risky. When the stars align and the sky is clear, it is magical!



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