Mission Beach San Diego Family Photos | N + J

November 21, 2023

Mission Beach San Diego Family Photos | N + J

As a San Diego family photographer, we can expect the fall months to pick up with family portraits. Families are either coming from out of town to visit, or local families are getting together for the holidays. There is no better time to visit San Diego than in the early fall. The weather is just absolutely perfect! Mission Beach is a popular area for tourists as they there are a lot of beach rentals. It’s natural then that they would like to make the family portrait session easy and have it be walking distance. Especially when you have little ones, you want to make sure you can go back to the house if you need anything. In these Mission Beach San Diego Family Photos | N + J, were visiting from out of town. They sure did enjoy the weather!

They had so many activities lines up that when it was time for their session, it was their actual first time on the beach! There is more to San Diego than just beaches, I know, hard to believe! So I was happy to tour them the beach as we did the photoshoot! The kids had so much fun! I negotiated that the first half we stay dry and then the second half they can be free and play in the water. You don’t want the young ones to run wild just yet. You want to make sure you get your posed shots first. Then, when candids are all you need, then by all means, set them free!

The debate about morning sessions. Will there be too much light? Will the photos be over exposed? If a morning shoot is requested at the beach, try to schedule for it as early as possible. Especially on a day with ZERO clouds, it will get bright! As we were shooting at Mission Beach, I knew I could utilize the bayside to look like the beach. In the morning, the sun is behind the subject so they won’t be looking into the sun. They will still have the blue waters behind them. Calm waters, but ocean blue nonetheless! That was my trick for the morning light. Also, I found a light post to cast just enough shade so they wouldn’t squint. Not too much shade though that the lighting would be too contrasted with the shadows and highlights.


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