Sunset Cliffs Proposal | Rubi + Gabe

November 28, 2021

Sunset Cliffs Proposal | Rubi + Gabe

As a San Diego engagement photographer, I love shooting proposals! There is definitely some important preparation that needs to be done. It can be a little nerve wrecking to make sure everything is perfect, but it’s so much fun! In this Sunset Cliffs Proposal | Rubi + Gabe, Gabe wanted to make sure he had the best view behind him when he popped the question. Sunset Cliffs is full of great views! Because of that, it was important that we found the best view with privacy too.

When being asked to photograph a proposal, I highly recommend meeting with your client before the session. If he or she is not a local, then you can always FaceTime. Proposals can be very nerve wrecking, and going through the motions with your client will help alleviate some of the nerves. Plus you can assess if any tweaks need to be made. You might find that the place is too crowded or the views or blocked, etc.

I like to offer tips to my clients to optimize their proposal. First, make sure whoever is received the ring has their hands cleaned up. Either a manicure or something to make sure their hand is camera ready. Another tip is making sure they are both sunglass free. Many times, proposals happen at the beach at sunset and naturally people want to wear sunglasses. The problem is that when the question is asked, you aren’t able to capture the reaction 100% because their eyes are covered up. Also any loose clothing our outwear would be better off, to see more of the outfit and bodies and not just a hanging jacket around the waist or a puffy jacket.

Position your client’s partner so their face is in view.


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