Lake Hodges Engagement Photos | Yaz + Mike

January 26, 2020

Lake Hodges Engagement Photos | Yaz + Mike

As engagement season continues, engagement photo sessions are also in full swing. As a San Diego wedding photographer, it’s so fun to shoot engagement sessions, because we have so many options of locations at a short distance! This was my first time shooting engagement photos in Lake Hodges! I went a week before the shoot to scout it out and there were so many locations to shoot at!

Unfortunately, the weather was not the same the day of the shoot as it was the day of my location scout. When I had gone it was super sunny and the sun’s rays were shining through and as I had suspected, due to the hills behind the reservoir, the sun ducked under before the scheduled sunset time. The day of the shoot, however, it was completely overcast! Luckily Yaz + Mike had arrived early, so we started shooting earlier, which on a cloudy, overcast day, you want to shoot earlier so the grayness is lighter.

I suggested to both Yaz + Mike certain colors and outfits due to the surroundings of Lake Hodges. They matched perfectly! Subtle perfection! I loved the pop of colors of Yaz’s booties! I am always a fan of long flowy maxi dresses because they lend themselves to be an accessory and prop to play with when shooting. It’s like comfort zone if you are shy at first in front of the camera. From the very beginning though, these two were naturals! I was very impressed!

You will notice that I did 2 sets of edits here. I started with a bolder edit at the beginning of the session as it was brighter and more light was available. Then as the session went on and we lost light, I edited in a more softer tone and also I think because I kept staring at Yaz’s dress so much that I felt like I went back in time to the 70s and so I wanted a more vintage and airy feel.

You can definitely spend lots of time shooting at Lake Hodges. There are photo opportunities everywhere. I had to consciously not look around me s we moved from one spot to the next because I wanted to bring them back to the front where the tall trees were. I would get new ideas everywhere I would turn! Which isn’t a bad thing, but with the overcast weather I needed to be efficient with time.



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