Sunset Cliffs Engagement Proposal | A + R

April 30, 2023

Sunset Cliffs Engagement Proposal | A + R

As a San Diego engagement photographer, I get a fair amount of beach location requests for proposals. The beauty of the ocean, whether in the morning or at sunset, is truly captivating! What more nature filled environment than ocean waves crashing against the rocks or cliffs and feeling that ocean breeze! In these Sunset Cliffs Engagement Proposal | A + R took advantage of the rising sun for their engagement photos and surprise proposal! Sunset Cliffs is a very popular spot in San Diego, especially Pappy’s Point. If it’s warm out and it’s sunset time, you can place a heavy bet that there will be onlookers. If you are looking for something more private, and still want this location, I would consider a weekday and maybe even a morning session.

In no way am I trying to discourage you from a sunset proposal at Sunset Cliffs, it is totally doable as I have done in other proposals there. Just want to give the public service announcement in case you are looking for something more private and intimate. This is helpful to know if you are from out of town. If you are local, I would definitely scope out the location you are interested in proposing at at the time you are planning on it. This can give you a good indication of how it could be the day off. Of course as summer approaches crowds will increase and vice versa.

This session was shot in the early morning and the day was a little overcast. This is why you see the ocean water be evenly lit. If the sun would have been out more, you would have seen more harshness between the highlights and shadows. Fortunately, the clouds gave us more even light. The positive about morning shoots (on the west coast) is that the ocean is more blue. Versus shooting in the afternoon (on the west coast) the water is more bright and white. This is because the sun is behind the ocean on the latter example.



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