South Coast Botanic Garden Engagement Photos | Selene + Anthony

March 11, 2020

South Coast Botanic Garden Engagement Photos | Selene + Anthony

I love searching and scouting for new locations to do shoots at. Selene + Anthony wanted a garden background for their engagement shoot and so I was on the hunt for a garden location in the LA area. I came across South Coast Botanic Garden and knew instantly it would be the perfect place! I went a week before the shoot to scout it and walked for about 2 hours and found great spots all around. I knew they would be happy!

This was a 2 hour shoot. Since it was brighter, I wanted to be strategic and so we started with areas that were more covered with trees since I knew we would loose light there first. I wanted to make sure I kept a warm tone throughout the session. Always a goal when shooting romantic sessions like engagement.

Selene + Anthony were such naturals behind the camera!! You can feel how authentic their love is for one another! If you are nervous about getting your engagement photos taken, do not worry! I will talk to you both throughout the entire session and make you feel comfortable that you will forget your are even getting your photos taken!

I can’t stress enough how big South Coast Botanic Garden is, so I would definitely scout the place beforehand so you get a lay of the land before the shoot. There is some walking involved so you want to make sure you have plenty of time to do so. I would definitely suggest to your clients to have a pair of comfy shoes handy in case they are wearing heels. Selene had comfortable sandals with a small platform heel so she was good to go!

Being a San Diego photographer, I enjoy discovering locations along the coast. It is easy for me to head up to Orange County or Los Angeles. It’s good to have a diverse rolodex of shooting locations.



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