La Jolla Cliffs Proposal | Robert + Jalena

September 5, 2022

La Jolla Cliffs Proposal | Robert + Jalena

As a San Diego engagement photographer, one of the fun aspects of it is being a San Diego proposal photographer! Each one is so full of joy, excitement and a little bit of nerves! My job is to help you plan your proposal to calm your nerves and provide a fun experience for you and your partner! There are many beautiful places in San Diego to propose to and many choose the lovely coastline! When proposing in the summer, it is important to ask your photographer for suggestions on private beaches. This way your proposal can be more intimate and private. In this La Jolla Cliffs Proposal | Robert + Jalena had the most romantic sunset, cliffs proposal ever!

With proposals, sometimes your clients are local and sometimes they are from out of town. When they are from out of town, you, as a photographer, want to make sure your client feels as familiar with the area as possible. Try scheduling a FaceTime or video call. If not possible, then definitely create a video explaining the whole process from start to finish. You want them to feel like they are rehearsing through your video. This will help for a smooth proposal.

Always, have a phone call conversation with your client while planning and also the day of or before. This way, all the information you shared when booking is repeated fresh in their minds. Nerves can get the best of him or her, and you want to make sure they feel confident in their steps. Also, there are always surprises. You might have designated a proposal spot and on the day of, it’s not available. Let them know that if that occurs, not to worry. They will know that you will always be watching them and can accommodate to the new spot.



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