Solana Beach Dirty Dogs | DIY Dog Bathing

May 4, 2020

Solana Beach Dirty Dogs | DIY Dog Bathing

This shoot is a follow up from my Hillcrest Dirty Dogs Professional Grooming shoot. This shoot focused on the Do-It-Yourself dog bathing services offered at Solana Beach Dirty Dogs. I you aren’t familiar with Dirty Dogs, it’s an amazing one stop shop for all your pet needs, dogs and cats! You can get your pets professionally groomed, buy food products, pet accessories, and of course, you can bathe your dog yourself. Solana Beach Dirty Dogs | DIY Dog Bathing

This shoot also had a lot of prep and coordinating work! I had to cast and book families/couples/dog owners and their pets on an early morning weekday shoot! I was a little worried at first that I wouldn’t be able to cast people for this time and date, but I was blessed with amazing friends and past clients and friends of the client who came through!

The client opened up the store early so we could use the space without interrupting, too much, normal store operating hours. Plus I wanted that morning light! I had shot here, at their Solana Beach location, before so I knew the light would be best in the morning and that I would want to secure the first three tubs closest to the window.

Now, even though we all did our due diligence and planned as much as possible, that doesn’t mean things don’t always go ‘perfect”. We had a couple last minute cancellations, but one of the store managers was quick to find a solution and found a dog and his owner walking by the store who was open to getting his dog washed! It’s always a nice advantage to be able to remain calm when something unexpected comes up and to be able to be quick and efficient at finding a solution.

Also, when shooting dogs, be prepared to get wet! Thankfully I shoot with Canon and didn’t have to worry about my camera bodies or lenses. Just need to make sure I had a lens wipe to clean off the lens every time a dog wanted to dry off on his or her own!



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