Lifestyle photos | Dirty Dogs Solana Beach

November 13, 2018

Lifestyle photos | Dirty Dogs Solana Beach

San Diego dog beaches are so welcoming! This weekend’s shoot was at Del Mar Dog Beach . It was the place to be early Saturday morning! I was shooting for Dirty Dogs, a do it your self, or they do it, dog and cat grooming locale. They also have a great selection of natural and healthy food, snacks and accessories for your favorite furry loved ones! Enjoy today’s commercial photos: Dirty Dogs Solana Beach.

The goal of this San Diego commercial dog shoot was to get a mixture of action beach and portrait beach shots. Show how the dogs play and interact with the products sold at the store. The dogs LOVED the toys! We asked local dog owners to participate and play with their dogs with the toys and they had a blast! Every dog wanted to be in the shot and play with the toys! It got a bit hectic and I had to keep watch of my cameras as dogs loveeeeee to “air dry” by whipping water when they get out of the ocean. It was a lot of exercise for all of us.

How about that dog action series! What a catch! The dog portraits were just tooo cute!! Just in time for the holidays too! All the participants will have access to the photos to keep. What dog owner wouldn’t want a professional photo of their dog!! They are so adorable!!

I was having a great time! All these different dogs were just so cute! I mean look at this frenchie!! I wanted to put him in my pocket! And then the bigger version, the bulldog! We decided he was definitely the one to sport the tie! All of these dog clothes can be bought at Dirty Dogs. They also have an amazing selection of dog food! Natural, organic, you name it, they have it! Check out their website or stop by one of their stores!

Now, you are probably thinking that these dogs must be full of sand after a morning playing at the beach! 100% true! Thankfully, that is the purpose of Dirty Dogs! You have the option to self wash your pet in their tub, or you can have them do it. Up to you! They have tons of shampoo product as well! All the dogs got treated to a wash after the beach. They loved getting pampered!



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