LIFESTYLE photos: Hannah Marie X Pequeno Heart, Anacapa Island

September 10, 2019

LIFESTYLE photos: Hannah Marie X Pequeno Heart, Anacapa Island

I finally got to check Channel Islands off my travel bucket list!! Anacapa Island to be exact. I have recently moved to Los Angeles and decided it was time to check off day trips of my list, especially with Labor Day happening. I needed a quick getaway! I was joined by two friends and we decided to scout the area and try to get a few fashion shots while we did. We got way more than a few! I am sooo happy to share these lifestyle photos: Hannah Marie X Pequeno Heart, Anacapa Island.

We found this field of red berries that were bursting with color! These were located in front of the visitor center of Anacapa Island. The island of Anacapa is pretty much deserted. There are two bathroom areas and a visitor center but no accommodations other than if you request to camp. For Anacapa Island visit you take the ferry that leaves out of Oxnard.

We did a day trip, since we were just scouting, but we do plan on coming back in the future to camp! I want to come back in February / March to see it all green. Granted since this is summertime it’s a bit brown but I loved the color red in the berries and we had Hannah put on a dark lipstick to play on that.

I love this Brixton hat and it’s been in many of my fashion lifestyle photoshoots. It’s such a great hat! I love a full oversized brim! It’s simple but still makes a statement. This simple silk white vintage dress just needed minimal accessories. One statement hat and a pair of converse and that’s it! Make sure to visit Georgia’s site, Pequeño Heart, for more vintage pieces!



Really beautiful pictures!

Thank you so much!! 🙂


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