Seagrove Park Del Mar Elopement Wedding Photos | E + J

December 13, 2022

Seagrove Park Del Mar Elopement Wedding Photos | E + J

As a San Diego elopement photographer, the beach is a popular destination for many couples to tie the knot. Many would think that it would be very expensive to get married at the beach. Thanks to local parks, it is reasonably priced. Better than what you would expect. The only issue can sometimes be availability. In these Seagrove Park Del Mar Elopement Wedding Photos | E + J lucked out with a Friday permit to kick off their wedding weekend celebration! It was a beautiful day shared with close family and friends!

Many people think San Diego is like Miami, where we have warmth all year round. Not entirely true, we may have sunshine all year round, but not warmth. This elopement was in the middle of November, so it was a little chilly. Especially being by the ocean you get the ocean breeze. Make sure to dress warmly of have cute blankets that double as props!

An elopement is a great way to celebrate your love without all the stress of a full day wedding. All the feels are still the same. You can still have guests. Normally for an elopement, guests are around 1-20 people. This creates a very intimate feel. You can actually interact with your guests. The focus stays on your love and not on pleasing over a hundred guests. It helps you be present on this special day.

Elopement Timeline

Timeline schedules for elopements can be however short or long you would like. At the bare minimum, I would say two hours. This covers your ceremony, friends and family portraits and an hour of formal couple portraits. Additionally, if you want to capture some of the getting ready, I would add 1-2 hours on the front end. If you are having a small reception afterwards, you could get that captured. I would suggest adding more on the front end.


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