Balboa Park Elopement Photos | Natalie + Kyle

October 24, 2022

Balboa Park Elopement Photos | Natalie + Kyle

As a San Diego elopement photographer, I love the ease and simplicity of the day! The focus of a micro wedding or elopement stays on the couple. Many San Diego courthouse wedding clients, like to take their wedding portraits out and about. That is what you see here in these Balboa Park Elopement Photos | Natalie + Kyle. They got married at the San Marcos courthouse and wanted their family and couple portraits taken at Balboa Park. As there is so much ground to cover at Balboa Park, I met with them before their wedding to walk through their favorite spots.

Balboa Park can get busy on the weekends, but the great thing about courthouse weddings is that they, for the most part, happen during the week. The beauty of elopements is that you can follow your own timeline. Normally, in traditional full weddings you are in a non stop activity schedule. When you elope or get married at the courthouse, you can choose the order you want to do things. You control how long you want to spend at each activity. The focus is on you and your partner.

If you want to cover more area in a location, adding time is a must. For elopements, I do a 2 hour minimum. At least thirty min for check in and ceremony. Followed by thirty minutes of family photos. Lastly, one hour of formal couple portraits. In this particular case, the clients skipped getting their ceremony photographed at San Marcos. They wanted everything to be captured at Balboa Park. This gave us one and a half hours of couple portraits. Listen, at Balboa Park, the more time the better!

If you plan on getting your wedding portraits or any portraits taken at Balboa Park, I would suggest picking your top three, maybe four locations. Take into account the walking time from one spot to another. The more time you add to your session, the more spots you can take advantage of.



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