La Jolla Cove Quinceañera Portraits | Annalisa

May 10, 2021

La Jolla Cove Quinceañera Portraits | Annalisa

As a San Diego portrait photographer, I am privileged to capture and document important moments in people’s lives. Whether it’s a San Diego wedding, welcoming a new member of the family, or accomplishing a milestone in one’s life. In these La Jolla Cove Quinceañera Portraits | Annalisa is celebrating turning 15 years old. An important tradition in latin culture. Annalisa wanted a beach backdrop for her portraits. As the tide wasn’t going to be so low, I suggested we shoot at Cuvier Park, La Jolla Cove so we could incorporate the cliffs area and greenery.

When shooting individual portraits, I stick to two lenses. I use my CANON 35mm prime lens, f/1.4 and my CANON 85mm prime lens, f/1.4. These two lenses make everyone’s skin smooth and silky! Also, having that wide aperture really lets you push your lens when the weather isn’t favorable. It was overcast all day and so I asked my client to start a little earlier than scheduled. I rather shoot earlier when it’s overcast so the light isn’t too dark. Whenever possible, I avoid using my flash. I want these portraits to look natural.

When you find yourself in a poor lighting situation, always be aware of your surroundings and make sure your subject is always finding their light. It is your job to keep guiding them towards the light. Always be moving around left and right, up and down. Likewise, move your subject around too, have them turn. Find the best lighting for them.

One thing I have found very helpful is to take your time when shooting. Sometimes, I think as photographers, we feel the need to be constantly communicating to our clients the next pose before we even finish the current one. It’s ok for us to take a second and figure out the next move and sometimes even say that something isn’t working. Once we remove that pressure, the environment is more at ease and the creativity flows.



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