Liberty Station Family Photos | Chelsea + Alfie

December 19, 2020

Liberty Station Family Photos | Chelsea + Alfie

As a San Diego family photographer, the fall season is when most people get their family portraits done. I always wonder why some families don’t do it earlier but I guess it’s due to the fall season touch. We don’t get much of it here in San Diego, but luckily at Liberty Station family photos | Chelsea + Alfie I was able to find some fall type trees with the brilliant colors! Chelsea really wanted holiday vibes and we certainly got it with the Christmas tree at Liberty Station.

It was my first time shooting family portraits at Liberty Station. I decided to arrive early to have plenty of time to walk around and find some photo ops! I also wanted to make sure I got good backdrops that gave that holiday feel as requested by Chelsea. When scouting, it’s important to find diverse backdrops, but even better to find diverse backdrops that are near one another. You don’t want to spend the entire session walking around and having your clients get sweaty and tired.

With the fall leaves, Christmas tree and the lights on the tree lined path, we couldn’t get more holiday! It was perfect! I even multi tasked and through leaves up in the air to get that charming fall portrait vibe shot. Stoked that it turned out. Certainly took a few try’s and lots of laughs!

This shoot was super exciting for Chelsea and Alfie because it was their first family photoshoot! They definitely were naturals in front of the camera! I always make sure to guide my clients throughout the shoot. I like to mix it up with posed shots and also candid shots. A lot of jokes are involved to get those candid shots and fortunately I am a pro at dad jokes!



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