Scripps Beach Wedding Portraits | Michelle + Matias

September 12, 2021

Scripps Beach Wedding Portraits | Michelle + Matias

As a La Jolla wedding photographer, I never get tired of beach weddings. All of them are different, different weather, tides, lighting, etc. In this particular Scripps Beach Wedding Portraits | Michelle + Matias wanted to have a bonus wedding portrait session. They had gotten married the week before at the San Diego courthouse, AKA Marriage Hut. We did our 2 hour session there and across the street at the marina. They wanted to then continue going to Scripps Beach but they had dinner reservations with family so they decided to book a session for the following week at their favorite beach, Scripps Beach.

It’s such a cool and clever idea to schedule wedding portraits. Either before or after your wedding. If you want to have multiple locations or don’t want to feel so overwhelmed the day of your wedding, it’s a nice alternative. I don’t get the San Diego wedding photo portrait session requests often, but the more I do them, the more I see how helpful they are. The couples are totally relaxed and can let loose and have fun, without worrying about rushing to follow a timeline.

If there is a location that your couples find special and meaningful to their relationship, I encourage you to suggest having wedding portraits done. Many couple feel like they have to follow the traditional wedding “rules” when in fact everyone should know there are no rules. It’s their special day and they should know that they can spend if however they like. They can even extend it too, if they like. I am sure many couples are torn between celebrating among a couple places and this lets them have it all!

A San Diego wedding, a San Diego elopement or a San Diego courthouse wedding should always be whatever the client wants it to be. The couple should not feel like they have to follow rules, but their love!



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