Scripps Beach Lifestyle Portraits | Maddie

December 23, 2020

Scripps Beach Lifestyle Portraits | Maddie

Everyone deserves beautiful photos of themselves. As a San Diego portrait photographer that is what I aim to deliver for my clients. In these Scripps Beach lifestyle portraits |Maddie is just absolutely stunning! In a time where everyone resorts to taking selfies of themselves it’s nice to treat yourself to having a San Diego professional photographer make you feel comfortable and confident!

Maddie reached out to me wanting personal portraits. We discussed location ideas and she also sent me inspiration photos of the idea she had in mind for her looks. Then we reviewed outfits and we were able to squeeze in 3 looks in this San Diego beach portrait session. Her striped sweater was from Billabong and was literally in her moodboard. So we really made it come to life!

It was a beautiful sunset! Although this was a personal portrait session I felt like I was shooting for Billabong’s 2021 summer campaign! Maddie definitely has that Southern California vibe! She’s a natural in front of the camera! I always want to make sure my clients feel comfortable and confident because it definitely shows in the photos.

With everyone staying in during this crazy 2020 year, I think it’s such a great idea to do some online shopping for cute outfits and get photographed in them! It gives you something to look forward to and a reason to do your hair and makeup. Fortunately with beaches and parks in San Diego staying open we, San Diego photographers, can continue to do so!

I love shooting when it’s low tide at sunset! A whole underwater world gets exposed to you! If you start off at Scripps Beach and then walk north where there are more rocks and reefs you will also get less people in the background. This leans towards Blacks Beach which is a bit more private since you have to walk your way over there! It’s definitely worth the trek!



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