EVENT photos: La Jolla Baptism

March 12, 2019

EVENT photos: La Jolla Baptism

Who doesn’t love attending events! This was a special one as I got to photograph another moment in this family’s life. Their sons baptism! I have photographed this client from maternity, to newborn to now taking event photos: La Jolla Baptism! Such a beautiful celebration with close family and friends of theirs! It took place at Mary Star of the Sea.

Everyone wanted their photo with thus cute little nine month old boy all dressed up for his big day at church! The last time I saw him he was a couple weeks old so it was a shock to see how big he had grown! Although he was just getting over the cold, he was able to smile a few times for the camera.

The day was super bright but I was able to find some shaded area with some great bushes and palm trees! All his cousins were happy to play alongside him. The church was very welcoming and was ok with flash photography inside. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to use it and thus compromising the photos.

The little guy was very curious about what was happening. From time to time he would want to wiggle out of someone’s arms and he would stand. Can you believe it!?! 9 months and already walking!!

Surprisingly he didn’t cry when they officially baptized him! He was very curious when the priest would come over. He was very observant of everything going on.

I had brought two lenses with me to shoot this event. I assumed I would want to stay further back and not interrupt the ceremony, so I brought along my trusty 70-200mm Canon lens that I bought from B and H photo. When I needed a few wide angle shots, I used my 35mm Canon lens.



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