USD Grad Portraits | MP

July 1, 2022

USD Grad Portraits | MP

As a San Diego grad portrait photographer, I love seeing the excitement the grads have on accomplishing their schooling. Whether it’s graduating from high school or college, they have worked hard! Getting their portraits taken, capture this special moment that they can cherish forever! In these USD grad portraits | MP, was able to enjoy the beauty of the Jacarandas across campus! The sweet spot for these beautiful trees to view in full bloom is April to May.

When shooting grad portraits or high school senior portraits, it’s a good idea to give your client a variety of options. Specifically with the outfits. I would suggest having some taken in the full robe and cap if they want to wear it. Then some with just the stole. Finally some with just their outfit on its own. This way they can also use the photos as just portraits. Always double check with them of course if that is all ok.

In addition, I would suggest you ask your clients if they want feedback on their outfits. This way you can make any adjustments if you think the color or pattern is ill suited for the backdrops. If your client is between outfits, you always want to encourage whichever outfit makes them feel the most confident and comfortable! It will always show on their face.

If you plan on walking around the campus a lot, I would suggest having your client bring another pair of shoes to walk around in. Some campuses can be large and have lots of ground to cover. You don’t want your clients to get blisters. So having a tote bag with extra shoes and their props like the sash and cap is a great idea! Also, having a make up bag and q-tips is great for touch ups!



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