Santee Courthouse Wedding Photos | Sharlene + Elmer

September 10, 2022

Santee Courthouse Wedding Photos | Sharlene + Elmer

As a Santee courthouse wedding photographer, I always enjoy taking my clients to the nearby boulders. This is the second location after their ceremony at the Santee courthouse. It has a beautiful mix of hill tops and rocks. In this Santee Courthouse Wedding Photos | Sharlene + Elmer had rented an air b n b in the Mt. Helix area and wanted their portraits taken there. I went into it blind as it being a rental, I couldn’t scout the location. I used the photos from the site to get an idea of what we had to work with for wedding portraits. We did all the family photos at the Santee Courthouse wedding location first, after the ceremony.

As a San Diego courthouse wedding photographer, I always want to make sure my clients have a fun experience on their wedding day! Just because it’s a courthouse wedding, I don’t want my clients thinking they can’t do the same traditions as a “normal wedding”. This means, let your clients know that if they want their father to walk them down the aisle, they can. If they want to do a first look, they can. All the options are possible, it’s a matter of letting them know that they can.

Booking your ceremony time is best first thing in the morning or last one. This is due to better lighting. This isn’t to say that if you book another time it’s over. I have still photographed courthouse weddings midmorning and early afternoon. It’s a little more challenging, but still totally doable! Another option, is to meet with your clients later in the day. Especially if your portrait location is somewhere else, you can totally meet up later in the day. You can also do a mock ceremony as all these San Diego courthouse locations are open to the public.



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