Seagrove Park, Del Mar Beach Elopement | Georgia + Jonathan

September 28, 2020

As a San Diego family photographer and a San Diego Lifestyle photographer I have photographed many times at Del Mar Beach, specifically 15th st., near the former train station. This was my first elopement at Seagrove Park in Del Mar. I had met with Georgia and Jonathan a week before to review the location and run through the events of the day. I call this a wedding walk thru and it’s very helpful for my wedding clients. On the day of the wedding they are more at ease knowing what is going on.

I arrived super early to avoid any parking conflicts as this took place on a Friday. Whenever you are shooting at the beach in the summertime, I highly advise getting there an hour early. You don’t want to be rushing to your shoot nor have to pay $40 for parking at the lot.

Sometimes in the summertime in San Diego the clouds roll in right before sunset. This happened this evening as well. I wanted to get as much of the sun rays captured before they ducked behind the clouds.

I loveddddd shooting on the train tracks and we were EXTREMELY careful! I literally had them pose for like 30 seconds and then had get off. I also made sure she lifted her dress completely as she crossed over and once she stood still I had her lift it up and down to make sure it wouldn’t get caught.

I loved Georgia’s tatted arm! I love the juxtaposition of her delicate lace dress and the ink. With the weather getting cloudier and overcast it gave it that extra moody boost! It’s an accessory on it’s own! The weather was definitely changing fast but I pushed my Canon 35mm lens to it’s limits so I wouldn’t have to use flash.



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