San Diego Courthouse Wedding + Desert Garden Elopement | Abigail + Andrew

August 2, 2021

San Diego Courthouse Wedding + Desert Garden Elopement | Abigail + Andrew

As a San Diego courthouse wedding photographer, I love when couples add an adventure element to the photo session. It makes you feel like you are having a destination wedding. Whether it’s the nearby beaches, mountains or desert, it’s always a plus! In this San Diego Courthouse Wedding + Desert Garden Elopement | Abigail + Andrew, wanted to share a private vow exchange at the Desert Garden in front of Balboa Park. This was done after celebrating and doing the ceremony at the marriage hut, with their family.

They started with a first look which I thought was a cute idea. Many couples are under the impression that because you are getting married at the marriage hut you can’t treat it like a “normal wedding”. For example, at the marriage hut you are told what vows to say, but then you can do your own vows later either at the ceremony arch or at another location. If you want to do a first look with your partner before the check in, you can do that too! There are many similar things you can do between both types of ceremonies. This is still your day and you can have it your way! Always vocalize your requests or visions.

The marriage hut stays the same pretty much throughout the year. It can get seasonal as far as the garden and more sensitive flowers go. The garden area near the marriage hut certainly blooms more in the spring time and offers a variety of flowers you wouldn’t normally see. The Bougainvillea does tend to dry out a little in the summer time, definitely not as dense and rich as it is in the spring. I always suggest doing a scout or walk thru either alone, or with your clients. Suggested timeline, within a week or two before the wedding date. This way you can survey the surroundings and see what is available to you.



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