San Diego Courthouse Wedding | Kelli + Stephen

October 31, 2022

San Diego Courthouse Wedding | Kelli + Stephen

As a San Diego courthouse wedding photographer, I like letting my clients know that they can treat it like a “traditional” wedding. What does that mean? “Traditional” activities like having your parent walk you down the aisle. A more recent “tradition”, having a first look. When considering a courthouse wedding, I want you to remember that you can still treat it as a “traditional” wedding but still knowing you can customize it to your hearts desire! In these San Diego Courthouse Wedding | Kelli + Stephen implemented some of these “traditions”.

Kelli + Stephen has beautiful florals! Kelli had a stunning bouquet and Stephen had a boutonniere. I noticed and wanted to let them know that his mom could put it on him, like in a “traditional” wedding and I could capture the moment. We did this before their “first look”, another recent “tradition”. When your clients request to have a first look, make sure the groom arrives a few minutes before the bride. I would always say 10 min before, just in case there is traffic or anything.

Giving yourself that ample time before the first look, allows you to make sure the spot is perfect. Weather changes and other unexpected events can occur. To avoid stressing, having these extra minutes can alleviate that. Also, give the groom a moment to be present and focus on what is about to happen. You should ask your clients beforehand if they want the first look to be opened or closed. Meaning, have their friends and family present or do it in private. Knowing ahead of time saves time and awkwardness.

The important thing to remember about courthouse weddings is to make if about the couple. Ask them what they would like to experience. Let them know their options, not because they have to do it, but so that they are informed. For wedding photographers, we do this all the time and know more or less what to expect. We have to remember that, for many of our clients, this is their first time and they may now know all the ins and outs. It is our job to guide them and help them with that.



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