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January 12, 2021

San Diego Lifestyle + Product Branding | Alluvian

As a San Diego branding photographer, I would love to shoot more product content for brands! What I feel that has been holding me back is feeling like product shoots have to always be in studio, with studio lighting! Not anymore! The other part of this San Diego Lifestyle + Product Branding | Alluvian shoot was to also shoot product! I accomplished it all with natural light! This feels like such a win! I can now open my doors fully to shooting more product for San Diego brands!

I learned a LOT in this product shoot! First of all, I shot this on two separate days. One I shot at home, using all my cute home decor and plants. The second part I shot at my talent’s home right before sunset. I learned that product shots take A LONG TIME!!! I am so used to shooting humans, that I didn’t realize the amount of detail that goes into creating product content. Let me clarify, I had a blast brainstorming how I wanted to present the product and what accents I would use. I just didn’t realize how it would take forever to get it positioned perfectly!

During the preproduction call, my client had mentioned how she envisioned lots of green plants in the shot. She also sent me some props to use along with the product, for instance, the shaving leather straps, medicine bottles, razor, and a cigar box. I got real creative in positioning the product so they would pop out of the box! I wanted to keep the same color tones through out all the product shots and with talent and the product shots, so I styled her too.

Product photography is so challenging but such a learning lesson! My face would light up whenever I was able to get a product into a certain position, it felt like a huge win! My brain kept churning up ideas on how to best present the Alluvian product and packaging. I even picked up some plants on my run home one day for the shoot. My main focus was to present the product clearly and to incorporate the DNA of the brand.



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