San Diego Lifestyle Branding | Alluvian

January 12, 2021

San Diego Lifestyle Branding | Alluvian

As a San Diego lifestyle photographer, I love connecting with new brand clients and learning more about their brand’s DNA. When shooting a lifestyle campaign shoot, it is extremely important to understand in detail the vision the client has for the brand. Sometimes it may be the first time the client really goes in depth, out loud, about it. To clarify, many times clients have the idea in their head but as the photographer, on the outside, you need to be in their head too! In conclusion, you can never ask too many questions!

This Alluvian lifestyle branding shoot was a big project with multiple locations! It involved lifestyle shoots and product branding shoots. I will spread that out in various posts. Originally we were going to use multi talents to showcase people using the Alluvian product, in all different locations, city, beach, etc. The client took a couple days to deliberate and realized she was missing female lifestyle content, as Alluvian began as a men’s grooming product. The lifestyle shoot portion was narrowed down to just one female talent. Firstly, to showcase her in her natural habitat, the ocean. Secondly, to showcase the Alluvian product available to women, by having her interact with the product in her home.

I am a huge fan of in depth pre production meetings. These meetings help to really understand what content is needed and the purpose of the photoshoot. As a result, we went from thinking we were going to have 3-4 male and female models to just one female model. You are here to serve the client and help them realize why they need this shoot. It will make you a better content creator!

As a San Diego branding photographer, you will sometimes be in charge of casting your talent. I asked the client to describe the vision she had for her talent and immediately I had someone in mind that would certainly fit the mold! I sent her photo examples of some lifestyle shoots I had already done with her, likewise it would help see how she photographs. She was immediately sold! That was an easy one!

Normally, you will pull some options. For instance, attach a spreadsheet or powerpoint with all the different options to send to the client. Preparation and backup is always a plus! However, It can get tricky to coordinate schedules and timelines. Weekdays are typical for campaign shoots as they are business days. In other words, if your talent is not a formal model, they would have to take time off from their work.

A helpful way to visually understand the vision of your lifestyle shoot is to create a moodboard. This helps after having the first call or intro with the client. After that, you get a feel for what he or she wants. I use Pinterest to research visuals to create a moodboard. As as result, this allows for the client to visually see what resonates with them. Visuals always pair well with words. Most importantly, it helps to make sure you are understanding your client.



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