The Rambler Motel | Bridal Suite Lifestyle Photos

March 25, 2020

The Rambler Motel | Bridal Suite Lifestyle Photos

Looking for an instagrammable hotel in San Diego? Look no further than The Rambler Motel! Every area of this San Diego motel in Chula Vista is Insta worthy! I shot Erin Aschow of Ice Cream + Neon Dreams in bridal dresses as she will be getting married later in the fall. For this bridal shoot she wore Wilderly Bride from Allure Brides. Take a look at all the fun we had running around the motel in wedding dresses!

I definitely am going to add this motel to my San Diego wedding vendor list for brides needing a getting ready location at a motel. Heck, why not rent out the entire motel for your wedding!! Definitely something to ask the Rambler Motel about! As a San Diego wedding photographer, it’s crucial to know of the latest hotels and motels!

It’s like the owner got inspired by the show Schitt’s Creek and decided to remodel this motel and make it insta fun! This motel is a great spot for brides and family to get ready in or stay at, for birthday parties as they have a pool, for a fun San Diego staycation! If you are wanting that Palm Springs retro feel, you don’t have to drive two hours to the Saguaro, you can just head over to Chula Vista!

There are games to be played inside their cafe area, I ate a sandwich when I was there and it was delicious! There are ready to go meals or you can order fresh at the counter. There are desserts too! Speaking of games, this would be a great spot to stay at during San Diego’s Comic Con. Definitely has a young vibe to it!

Those of you familiar with food influencer Erin Aschow, know that she loves her treats. So of course we incorporated that into the photoshoot. None of the dresses from Wilderly Bride got dirty! So rest assured that you can still eat and drink on your wedding day!

There are fun signs around the motel that remind us all to relax and have a good time. This “chill” wall is definitely a top San Diego Instagram worthy place to shoot at! We both wish we could have shot all day at The Rambler Motel | Bridal Suite Lifestyle Photos! There was still more ground to cover! For more posts on Erin Aschow click here.


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