LIFESTYLE: Senior Portraits, Del Mar Beach

November 4, 2018

LIFESTYLE: Senior Portraits, Del Mar Beach

It’s that time of the year! School is back in session and for San Diego high school seniors that means senior portraits and graduation! I enjoyed doing this lifestyle: Senior Portraits, Del Mar Beach, with an aspiring Saxophonist. You get to see what seniors are up to now a days and see how driven and passionate they are about what they want to do. This high school senior is passionate about the Saxophone.

William is one cool cat! He is going to be auditioning for music schools so I knew this was the perfect spot for his photos. I wanted him to feel like he was on stage but also just playing his heart out as if he were just walking down the street and no one around.

Now I may have seen too many movies, but I kept telling William to play as if it were his last performance. To really pour his heart and soul in to it and lift that Saxophone up into the air. It was a lot of fun! I figured this would be great practice for him before his showcase! Now of course I love diversity in backdrops so we headed over to a staircase to do some nice portraits.

Lastly, as we are in San Diego, we crossed the street to get some palm trees in the shot. As we were walking over we had to traverse a train track and I quickly told William to start playing. I thought it would look cool to play on a train track with the sun setting, because again, I love to watch movies and it felt like a movie moment 😉

Gotta love those palm trees! They made for a great backdrop. This is Del Mar Beach. William was starting to get a taste of fame as a car pulled up right next to us and took photos of him. Then I told him to start playing again and they really got a kick out of it! Overall it was a super fun shoot and I hope I get to shoot more San Diego musicians or any musicians.





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